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Tips to Stay Solvent In Between Jobs

It’s dangerous to be in between jobs with no income. However, you got to this place, the “joy” of telling your boss that you will no longer tolerate that horrible workplace, wears off quickly. Often, the next morning, you realize the horror of your situation. Don’t worry. Just get busy right away searching the online job boards for a new position. In the meantime, you need to stay solvent, so you don’t go broke.

Stay Home

Every time you go out, there’s a chance that you’ll spend money. Avoid this by staying home as much as possible. If need be, stay in your pajamas while you search for jobs and avoid going out.

Get Roommates to Pick up Your Food

Your roommates will need to go grocery shopping. But you should avoid stores, so you don’t impulse buy. Give roommates some cash and ask them to pick up your food for you. They’ll come home with just what you asked for and nothing more.

Avoid Advertisements

Advertisements are professionally designed to entice you to buy things you don’t need. Avoid TV commercials, print advertisements and online advertisements. Don’t tempt yourself unnecessarily.

Pay Bills Ahead of Time

Don’t let your credit suffer while you are out of work. If you think you might spend carelessly, go ahead and pay bills ahead of when they’re due. That way, the money is in their hands and not yours.

Pick up Small Jobs

There are loads of small gigs you can do online and in person. Every little bit will help. See if you can generate a minimum amount every day to keep money in your wallet.

You never know how long it will be before your next payday. Even if you get a job tomorrow, it could be two weeks before you get paid. Use the above tips to stay solvent!

CBR Job Line 15 February, 2022