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Three Rare Perks You Can Get From Your Employer

Just about everyone loves job perks and benefits. Most employers offer a few benefits to their workers. However, some employers have rare benefits that people don't usually see anymore. These are a few of those rare perks you may want to check into to see if you can grab hold of them.

Voluntary Time Off

Voluntary time off is something rare you might be able to grab hold of at certain establishments. It's a feature that allows you to take time off without using personal time or accumulating attendance points. Certain employers provide this time to their workers randomly, but it will probably be a joy for you to experience it.

Infertility Coverage

Some employers also provide coverage for infertility through their insurance providers. You might see this feature as a blessing if you've been having difficulty having children. You can check to see if a prospective employer provides that and then take advantage of it if you can.

Additional 401K Contributions

Some employers may offer 401k contributions that are higher than others. Generally, employers provide a certain percentage of up to 6 percent of a worker's contribution. That percentage can be 100 percent, 50 percent, or less. You may find a rare employer that offers dollar-for-dollar contributions. You may also find an employer who caps the contributions at an amount much higher than the usual 4 to 6 percent. That rare perk will give you the ability to earn much more money for your future. Thus, it's something you should consider looking into.

Those are a few gems you can look for the next time you hunt for a job. You'll be delighted if you can land a job that offers such benefits to you. Make your research efforts diligent so that you can find a job that's right for you.

CBR Job Line 16 September, 2021