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Onboarding - Can You Still Backout from the Job?

You may get a job offer that you think is fantastic, but something might cause you to decline. Perhaps a better job offer came in, or you rethought the offer and decided the job wasn't right for you. This choice is usually fine if you aren't already onboarding with the company.

However, you can still end the process if you need to. These are some of the ways you can gracefully bailout of an onboarding process:

Contact the Employer as Soon as You Know

It's best to contact the employer's HR department the moment you know you can't move forward. The sooner you let them know, the more money the company can save on unnecessary processes.

Thank Them for the Opportunity

You should also thank the employer for giving you the opportunity to work for them. No employer is obligated to hire anyone. Therefore, it's always an honor to receive a job offer. Ensure that you express your gratitude to them and let them know you appreciate their consideration.

Ask Them to Keep the Door Open

Finally, you should make an effort to keep the door open for future employment. You can explain your reasoning for bowing out of the offer if you feel as though it will help your cause. You may also want to notify the employer that you may be available for future opportunities. Giving them ample time to end your hiring process and find another candidate can leave things on a positive note. You never know. You might not be right for them now, but maybe you will be at a later date.

You should be able to bail out of the job offer gracefully if you use the steps mentioned above. After all, most jobs are at-will positions. Thus, you have the right to terminate your employment at any time.

CBR Job Line 21 June, 2021