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How to Gain Respect at Work Without Being in a Clique

Some jobs seem like high school all over again. They have cliques, bullying, gossiping, and other such non-pleasantries. You have to go into these types of jobs and earn respect in some cases. These are some tips for getting your coworkers to respect you without becoming a part of a specific clique.

Be Mysterious

One of the best things to do on a new job is to keep to yourself and leave the element of mystery. You don't want to make the mistake of thinking that everyone at the new job wants to be your friend. Many people play nice to collect information they desire to learn about a new person. Don't fall into that trap.

Work Hard

You can gain other people's respect by working hard on your job and keeping to yourself. The other employees will see your work ethic and respect you for it. Don't let anyone distract you from being a star performer if it's in your nature to be that kind of person. Keep doing what you do best, and your higher-ups will appreciate you for it. Refuse to slack off, even if everyone else at your job site does it.

Steer Clear of Gossip

Some workers might come to gossip with you. They may be doing this to test you to see if you're "with it." The best way to handle that is to avoid agreeing or disagreeing with their commentary. Walk away and refuse to participate if you can do that. They will respect you for your stance.

Try these three tips the next time you start a new job. You don't have to participate in nonsense, and you don't have to become a member of a clique to get respect. Carry yourself with integrity, and respect will come to you naturally.

CBR Job Line 17 August, 2021