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How to Answer the Most Difficult Interview Questions

A job interviewer who uses the STAR format, or a similar method will most likely ask you some difficult questions. These questions may want you to discuss difficult experiences and remember how you resolved the conflict.

These questions may be about your personality traits and how they can help the employer. The following are three tips on handling questions that you feel are difficult:

Repeat the Question

You might be taken off guard by the complexity of the question your interviewer asks. In that case, you might want to repeat the question so that you have some time to think of an answer. You'll also want to ensure that you fully understand the question the interviewer asked of you. Repeat the question slowly as you heard it and then say to the interviewer, "Is that correct?" to confirm that you've grasped the question.

Break the Question Into Two Parts

STAR format questions usually have two parts to them. They ask that you tell them about a time when you faced a challenge, and then they ask you to tell them what you did to resolve the issue. Break these types of questions into two parts and answer them as such. Focus on giving a detailed answer to one part of the question at a time. That way, you won't cloud your mind or feel flustered when you need to give the interviewer the information.

Take Your Time

A job interview is not a speed contest. Therefore, it's not necessary for you to answer to give incomplete rapid-fire answers. You can take your time to think of an appropriate response. It will be much better for you to do that than to rattle an answer that isn't the best one you could have thought of.

Consider using these tips to get through your next job interview. You'll end up being much more successful in the end.

CBR Job Line 19 March, 2021