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Can an Employer Fire You for Breaking a Minor Rule?

You might be struggling with a job loss because you violated a rule that you feel is minor. After all, you didn't steal, threaten anyone's life, or show up for work intoxicated. You might be considering visiting an attorney because you think the employer violated your rights. These are some reasons you might be wasting your time:

At-Will Gives the Employer Leeway

You probably saw a document about at-will employment when you first took the job. That document states that the employer can terminate you for any reason and at any stage of the process. You can resign as well. An at-will agreement gives employers a large amount of leeway when it comes to terminating workers. The law only prohibits them from terminating works because of protected attributes. Breaking a minor rule isn't a protected attribute.

You Probably Signed Paperwork

You most likely read the employee manual when you first got the job as well. Thus, you won't have much protection if the rule you broke was written in the handbook. The company has the right to enforce its rules, even if you don't think they're good rules.

You Don't Have a Contract

Your employment is not guaranteed for any specific amount of time unless you have a contract in place for that time frame. Therefore, the employer can terminate you with or without cause. You can only succeed with an attorney if you can prove that the employer terminated you because of something such as pregnancy, race, religion, age, and so forth.

You may have to accept the loss and move on after the termination. There might not be much you can do, even if you love the job. Sometimes, bad things happen because something better is on the road ahead. Keep your faith and polish up your resume for something amazing.

CBR Job Line 15 October, 2021