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Blue Collar Careers That Pay White Collar Salaries?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only way you can make a great income is by taking on a boring, white-collar job in an office. There are plenty of blue-collar jobs out there that pay a white-collar income. Let’s look at three occupations that pay well with minimum training.

Elevator Installers

Elevator installers can average $84,990 a year. Elevator installation is an important part of the construction industry and skilled installers are needed on a regular basis. This means that this profession has a great amount of job security in addition to a good income.

Power Plant Operator

Power plants are an essential part of our communities' infrastructure. It is imperative that there be skilled workers overseeing the operation of these locations. Power plant operators can bring in $81,990 annually. In some cases, supervisors and plant managers can look to make even more. Although there certainly is training that goes into this type of work, powerplant operation is definitely a blue-collar job that brings in a white-collar income.

Petroleum Pump System Operator

For decades, occupations in the oil industry have been known to be some of the highest-paid blue-collar jobs around. Today, even a petroleum pump system operator can look to bring in $74,180 annually or more. This is often considered an entry-level position in this industry. Those who wish to get further training in the oil industry can expect to make more as supervisors or managers.

Working a white-collar occupation is not the only way to earn a good income. These and other blue-collar jobs offer great earning potential as well as opportunities to move up in the chosen industry.

CBR Job Line 20 May, 2022