Can an Employer Fire You for Breaking a Minor Rule?

You might be struggling with a job loss because you violated a rule that you feel is minor. After all, you didn't steal, threaten anyone's life, or show up for work intoxicated. You might be considering visiting an attorney because you think the employer violated your rights. These are some reasons you might be wasting your time:

CBR Job Line 15 October , 2021

Three Rare Perks You Can Get From Your Employer

Just about everyone loves job perks and benefits. Most employers offer a few benefits to their workers. However, some employers have rare benefits that people don't usually see anymore. These are a few of those rare perks you may want to check into to see if you can grab hold of them.

CBR Job Line 16 September , 2021

How to Gain Respect at Work Without Being in a Clique

Some jobs seem like high school all over again. They have cliques, bullying, gossiping, and other such non-pleasantries. You have to go into these types of jobs and earn respect in some cases. These are some tips for getting your coworkers to respect you without becoming a part of a specific clique.

CBR Job Line 17 August , 2021

How to Boost Your Performance When You're on Probation

Performance-based jobs such as sales positions often put underperforming employees in bad positions. You may have been warned that you are on probation because of a lack of meeting your sales goals. This can also happen in customer service positions and other similar positions. You'll have about 90 days to improve your performance if you're on this type of probation. These are some tips that can help you if you are in that situation:

CBR Job Line 16 July , 2021