Having Trouble Getting a Job Despite the Worker Shortage?

You've heard about the Great Resignation, and you probably assume it's easy to get a job because of it. While some employers are still struggling and seeking to hire a majority of the people who apply, many are being cautious about their hiring practices. Here's why:

CBR Job Line 10 August , 2022

What To Do if You Have Experience & Credentials but no Success

It happens to the best of workers. The years go by, and they have numerous accolades, certifications, and years of experience, yet they don't feel successful in their endeavors. Young people still have lots of time to experiment, but middle-aged people don't. Here's what you can do if you don't feel like you've reached a point of success in your career:

CBR Job Line 11 July , 2022

How To Tell if You're Doing a Good Job if Your Boss Doesn't Say So

Sometimes it's difficult to tell how well you're performing in a new job. Your employer might not be the type to give you a nod or thumbs up when you do a fantastic job, and he or she may only acknowledge you when you do something wrong. Here's how you can tell how well you're doing, even if your boss doesn't say so:

CBR Job Line 6 June , 2022

Blue Collar Careers That Pay White Collar Salaries?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only way you can make a great income is by taking on a boring, white-collar job in an office. There are plenty of blue-collar jobs out there that pay a white-collar income. Let’s look at three occupations that pay well with minimum training.

CBR Job Line 20 May , 2022